There is no God except Allah (SWT) and prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) is his slave and messanger.

What does "YWH Mean"?
Archeological evidence suggests a very small "exodus" over a very short period, during which time the group passed through a city that worshipped a Almighty Lord called YWH, which the Israelites adopted and 'derived':
YWHW --> Yahweh from.

I was looking National geographic TV, history documenting film about ancient town YWH.
They told that one Jewish man who believed in Almighty Lord, ask Almighty Lord what is His name, and Almighty Lord told him:
'I will tell you, but you must not tell to nobody else, except if you script it before'.
So the man writes YWH.
Also in documenting film, they said that letter "Y" was not known, found in any other archeological findings before, i.e. that is the first time that they find written letter "Y", so how would you read letter 'Y', back then?
Example, how would you read this letter: '|#|' ?
So you can't read 'Y' as Yaweh, because letter 'Y' was not known, back then.

I am not against Jewish religion, not against Christians, because all we, true believers, believe in one Almighty Lord, but if peoples believed before, that Earth is a flat, today evidence suggest it is not, then Circled, the same should apply to the scripted name of the Almighty Lord, YWH.
Holy Qur'an:
[2.62] Those who believe, Jews, Nazarenes and Sabaeans - whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day and does good deeds - shall be rewarded by their Lord; they have nothing to fear nor are they saddened.

The facts are:
1. Name Yaweh was 'derived' from 'YWH'.
2. 'YWH' was scripted name of the Almighty Lord.
3. Letter' 'Y' was not known before.

By these archeological evidences it is almost impossible that the name of Almighty Lord was scripted from Jahweh into YWH.
Like you would script my name 'Samir' to 'SMR'. That was not a script, then short name.
Almighty Lord strictly told to a man to not tell, no one His name except to script it that no one would know. So the name was scripted also with the letter 'Y', which was not known(used) before, and does not mean, what is today Y.
Scripted letter Y does not look as today letter Y, then it's upper part 'v' was more widely open.

On the left is how 'YWH' looks, while on the right, is the same image rotated up-down, to show you how it was scripted.

It is more likely that YWH was scripted as:
Y as two LL
W as two AA
and H as H
so you got the name of the Almighty Lord
A L L A H.
That was scripted and explains widely open, first time found, letter Y

In that time people belived in many Gods, and each has another name, so Almighty Lord do not wanted to pronounce His name yet, to be just another name of many falsed names, then The Most Merciful told a man his name and told him to not tell to nobody except if it script it, and after His personal name was annoyanced by the prophet Muhammad(peace be on him), in the 'Holy Qur'an'.
That is the reason why it was scripted.

How I disovered that ?
I thought, if this what they said(in the history documenting film) is true, then it must be scripted into Allah, and after 5 minutes I easily found a way to unscript it, man, after 3000 years.  Home page
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