There is no God except Allah (SWT) and prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) is his slave and messanger.
Philosophy Questions
There is only one God
Glory be to Him, He The, Most High

If someone exist forever, then must be without an error, because in the eternity, this error/s will cause malfunction, end or else.
Because we exist, that mean, God exist which is without any error.

God is static, invisible, without error, forever exist, then God is the absolute.

How to understand that God is forever!?
Can you understand that nothingness is forever!?

If there could be, two nothingness ? Can't.
Like that can't be two Gods.

Or in scale between 0 as smallest and 100 as maximum, where nothingness is 0 and God is 100 can be only one 0 and one 100, all other Zeros or Hundreds is the same things, there is no differences.

So there is no God except: Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala).
There is nothing like Him.
He is Everlasting, as are His Names and Attributes

Allah (Subhanau Wa Ta'ala) can give you whatever you want, but what anyone, can anything give to God ?
So Glory, Poverty is for God only.
When God creates, Glory and Poverty must be for Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala) only, or would not be just.
If can said, Glory was not created by the God, then it is product of the God creation.
That is one of few things what pleasures the God, so Glory your God, Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala), every day, while you have a chance and opportunity to do it, because the valuable and true Glory is when you don't see the God, otherwise,
even Devil praises to God.
"I take refuge with the Lord of people"

Why we can't see the God ?
By seeing the Almighty God, how can you choose between good and bad and be tested, when you would be forced, by seeing the Almighty, Gigantic, Master of all, to be a good man, and then, your life after, would be baseless and without purposes.
That is a faith, you must not see it and believe it.
And to believe, you must understand to see invisible.
We are here to Glory Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala) while invisible and to strive to keep our soul complete, i.e. to not lost it.

Isn't that God's name:
A L L A H - It is.

Samir Alicehajic
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