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Creation of the Universe
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How, Big bang expanded into nothing ?
At one point(pixel) in nothingness, suddenly, lot of compressed information, all connected into bigger and bigger true, accumulates into the first photon, which goes up, second down, third up, fourth down..., all linked, whith its information of the true(all what can be), creating 1st dimensional space (1D), i.e one unmeassured diagonal line of photons.
"Let's be the light", I think this is from the Bible.
Now follows creation, most of the 2D, and 3D, and less of the 4D and 5D (explained bellow)
All photons want to get back into nothingness again, and no more photons incoming from the middle of the 1D, and all photons from both endings of the 1D unmeassured line, start pressuring at the middle of 1D line, from where first photon emerges. In this huge pressure photons in the middle starts to expand into opposite diagonal line(as X) creating 1D->2D space, first nearby middle point and continues until pressure of both diagonal lines becomes the same in length.
Now the pressure is from the four sides, i.e. endings of two diagonal lines (as X) at the middle point, expanding universes from, into 2D->3D, by continualy creating first 1D, then 2D and then 3D space, one rect above, then one bellow 2D space, creating a piramid, from both sides of 2D space, one rect goes up, then one down, because of the pressure. As pressure continues now from the 4 up(top or bottom of the piramid), 4 down(top or bottom of the piramid), and 4 middle(of 2D) of ending points, universe expands into 4D, and then small part into 5D.
Now from ending side 5D pressuring 4D pressuring 3D and 2D and 1D, while from the begining side Universe expands from 1D to 2D to 3D, 4D and 5D and because of the opposite pressure all explodes, that's BIG BANG.

Figure first three dimensions at the animated gif image.

Figure 1D, 2D, 3D togather and all systems in 3D space. Each system is in one 3D rectangle, where middle point of the rectangle is Sun followed by 3 planets arround sun. All that could be stretched if restangle is wider space as Andromeda and LMC systems, or could be melted in the pressure inside 3D space, if pulled in.

Figuring, how Universe was created, concludes that Universe expands and compresses at the same time, where 2D was inside 3D, 3D inside 4D and 4D inside 5D, and pressure of the higher dimmension compressing lower dimension into higher dimension. All the Universe what we can see is 1D, 2D and 3D, because of the compression, where all compressed going out, into 4D space, arround us.

Magnetism works on the same radius photon rings from the left and the right side of the 3D space. On the right side of 3D space, Pluto system is "Inverted system" while Earth's Sun and Andromeda systems are converted, normal systems. On the left side of 3D space Mars and Jupiter are "Inverted systems" while Large(& Small) Magellan cloud, short LMC is converted, normal system.
Holy Qur'an: [71.15] Do you not see how Allah has created the seven heavens, one above another,

In above picture, 2 systems (<-LMC and Pluto->) are black hole style systems, 2 inverted systems(Jupiter and Mars) on left and 2 converted systems(Earht's Sun and Andromeda) on right side of 3D space.
Difference between inverted and converted systems are how photon rings twists, from inside to outside or from outside to inside.
There a are two kind of people, Humans and Jinns, Humans are from converted systems, while Jinns from inverted systems.
In the Holy Qur'an writes that Jinns was made from from the fire and Humans from the Earth with little watter, so Jinns are from more compressed system then Humans and that could only be Mars system strangled here at Earth from the left, end side of the 3D Universe.
Jinns ring s are much more smaller then Humans rings, but strangled all to the Earth, gave them capability to create themself the same as other people.

All Humans are from the 1st half of the Universe already compresed into 5thD, out of the Big Bang energy, and then pulled back by the magnetism and pressure of the rest of the Universe.
Like a scale, first was all going on the right(logicly, out of the Big Bang energy), and after more and more mass starts to accumulate on the left scale side, which pulled and decompressed Humans as stars of 4D, back, and now you must compress yourself and the rest of the 3D Universe which matches your ring's of the previous Universe into 4D -> 5D.
Astronomers was calculated that some stars was older then Universe. That's it.

Arround 3D is 4D(unvisible) and arround 4D, 5D(unvisible). In the ernomus pressure of the Universe compression, Inverted systems are constatly under huge pressure which crashing Inverted systems inside 3D space, because of that in the Jupiter system, there is now 3 times more moons arround Saturn, Uran, Neptun then before 10 years. Also they find evidence that back hole is behind Neptun, it could be because complete LMC system is black hole style system, and there is the place where Jupiter system was pulled inside 3D space, and immidiatelly LMC system was more compressed on the top left side of 3D space, where is the entrance inside 3D space, but that is not a black hole.
Here is the picture how that looks from our side.

Kupier belt is out of the pulling rings from the left side of 3D space, inside black hole located somehwere in the LMC system, and
Asteroid belt is out of the pulling rings from the right side of 3D space, inside black hole located behind our Sun.

Pluto system on the top right side was pulled by the magnetizm of the left side(Mars system) of 3D space, inside toward Andromeda, and also by the depressure of the Pluto system photon rings.
I was brightness image of the pluto , to see a wide vertical black line, i.e. link to the center of the top right side of the 3D space, from where it was pulled inside 3D.
This line is also a black hole of 3D, i.e. untwisted and fired photon rings, where 3 photons melts into one photon, destroying the information of true in the photon rings.
Pluto is a star sourounded by the Black hole, that's Neutron star.
Pluto is a Neutron star.
Must be 3 planets around Pluto where first is Charon also pulled inside space of the black hole, second is Nix and third Hydra, outside. P4 is the accumulated compression of the Charon, while P5 of the Pluto because P5 has a system ring around which goes to the Pluto for decompression, but a black hole is in the way so it is delayed(also P4).

Image taken from the Hubble web site

Black hole entrance was located behind our Sun.
Another evidence, image taken from the Space Prediction center
This is Sun covered in the middle, to see more arround it. The same black line at about 7 o'clock, i.e. direct link to Pluto and Pluto system pulled into 3D space from the top right side on the top picture.
Original place of the Pluto is behind our Sun.
Black line goes directly from the middle of the sun, because that is from where Pluto was pulled into 3D space from the top right side of the 3D space.

X which indicates that this is the top of the 3D piramid, right side, where Pluto system was been.

also spining of space arround pluto indicates that this is the short top od the 3D piramid.(image from Nasa)

Here is fast created animation image of how "our system", in fact complete 3D space where 2D is in the sandwich, squeezes into all know disk shape.

After the creation of the Universe all what was created want to get back in the middle of the X, pressuring middle of the X with the all what was expaned from the middle of the X, expanding the Universe into 3D->4D with the full power 100%, but as time goes and 30% of the Universe was already in 3D->4D, total power of expansion is now 70%, because only 70% of matter pressuring middle of the X, and when 50% of the Universe was already expanded into 3D->4D, expansion stops, because 50% can't push antoher 50% into the next dimension.
Already compressed Universum into 5thD are stars, people, pulled back into 3D by the last 50% of the Universe, which can't be compressed into 4D->5D with energy(i.e. correct), unsless man hold it's decompression, and like in scale holds and then pulls on the right side, the rest of the Universe.
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